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Space for thought. Logical, analogical, digital

Communication is listening, knowing, dialoguing, sharing. And thinking. In the most Cartesian sense of the word, the most Pascalian. √Čsprit de finesse, √©sprit de g√©ometrie. So rationality and passion, analysis and identification, strategy and creativity, explaining the reasons behind our ideas and telling stories. The imperative of thought is everything but a foregone conclusion, and this is also true where communication is concerned. Understanding that it is not a hat, but instead a boa constrictor that can devour an elephant is a challenge that we all face each and every day. We call it ‚ÄúRealism of the imagination‚ÄĚ.


A Latin name, a European vocation, Italian DNA. Meet SEC.

Founded in Milan in 1989, SEC is an agency comprised of 170 professionals, operating in the fields of public relations, advocacy and integrated communication, with around 15 offices and subsidiaries in Italy and Europe. The agency’s humanistic stamp, its philosophy of investing in its people and the close relationship it maintains with its customers have generated a unique SEC style that is recognised and favoured by companies, authorities, national, multi-national and international institutions everywhere.


A pathway of internationalisation from Italy

SEC is an all-Italian company, in terms of both share capital and management, but also heads a network of agencies in Europe with consolidated, prestigious experience in public relations and advocacy.


Cooperation agreement with the Iranian Company PAT

SEC Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Iranian Company PAT to provide support to its current and potential clients on the Iranian market.


Social media and interest groups

Which are the performances of the European trade associations in Brussels? Cambre, the European lobby firm of the SEC group, has recently released its first report √ɬĘ√Ę‚Äö¬¨√Ö‚Äú#DigitalAssociations√ɬĘ√Ę‚Äö¬¨√ā¬Ě.

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