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Something more than institutional relations

For us, the term advocacy expresses something more than the cold, traditional phrase “institutional relations”. For us it is the full, warm undertaking of the customer’s requirements for representation, protection or promotion in its relationship with institutions, associations, communities. It is transparent, respectful of the various interests involved, unrestricted and open to dialogue. The great challenge of this activity is indeed that of conciliating private or, in any case, biased interests with the collective ones. SEC has a team of professionals with expertise in handling this complex problem, who do so by performing in-depth research on the specific themes, interpreting the context, listening to both evident and hidden sentiments and negotiating on a regular basis.

  • Lobbying & Public Affairs

    Lobbying & Public Affairs

    The political and institutional system in Italy only recognised the need for this activity a few years ago, when it was no longer absorbed by the traditional far-ranging reach and proximity of the parties, even if we are still awaiting a regulatory system that helps professionals and their relationships with decision-makers to be transparent. SEC, which has expressed its support for a lobbyist register and other forms of control several times, has always offered a transparent, linear method for relating with public administration and with the various local, national and European decision-making levels (through Cambre). The specialised division operates through two work teams, once covering Rome and one Milan.

  • Issue management

    Issue management

    Sliding doors: in the Peter Howitt film, the doors of the underground close or open and the fate of Helen (who works in a PR agency!) takes a different direction. This can be the case in certain situation (“issues”) that a company, association, institution may face: accrediting projects and processes that meet with hostility and diffidence, inducing new behaviours in consolidated communities and markets, generating popularity for extremely innovative ideas or products…All this requires a careful, patient, positive management that can point the so-called “issue” in the right direction. Here too it is important to know how to manage complexity, including that of the tools used, which often overstep the traditional public relations perimeter and enter advertising and direct marketing.

  • Community relations and building popularity

    Community relations and building popularity

    In the era of globalisation and the Web, companies and institutions have had to come to grips with a force that had been ignored and underestimated for too long: communities and local areas. Complicated entities where a cultural association, primary school or parish priest can be just as much of an opinion leader as the mayor, and influence the popularity or unpopularity of an infrastructure, a town renovation project, a critical settlement. SEC helps its customers get to know the areas and develop and manage tools and initiatives for analysing, sharing and dialoguing, in this way collaborating to the success of strategic processes and projects. Such as in the case of the large Porta Nuova project in Milan or that of the new Terna electricity power lines in Friuli and Veneto.

  • Political communication

    Political communication

    In Italy political communication, structured and sustained with the support of agencies, mainly takes place during electoral campaigns, which are nevertheless anything but few and far these days due to the frequency with which the government levels are required to renew themselves: Municipalities, Regions, Italian Parliament, European Parliament.

    SEC can offer its long, consolidated experience in this area of communication and a multidisciplinary team capable of both guaranteeing the integral nature of the strategy and covering the numerous communicative fronts: advertising and materials for political activists, speaking platforms, media relations, social media, events, ghost-writing, fund raising.

GovUp, an App that brings clarity to Italian institutions

GovUp is the first application that makes available, in a simple and immediate way, contact information for Italian political institutions and all its components down to a regional level. The app lists for these institutions:
- Government: Heads of Councils and Ministries
- Parliament: House, Senate, Committees and Groups
- Regions: Presidents of the Regions, Regional Councils and Juntas, Council Committees
the directory allows users to have at their fingertips addresses, telephone numbers, emails, social profiles and other verified information.

The application was created and managed by SEC Public and Institutional Relations as a work tool for everyone and as a contribution to the transparency and accessibility of Italian institutions for citizens, professionals and businesses.

GovUp is available for iPhone and Android and can be downloaded free on the iPhone and Android stores.

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